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Company Information

Skilledi is india based company. Which is providing services under IT sector. Skilledi has Skilled persons Under technologies like , Mvc, Cms Based Theme Development, Web Designing , Graphic Designing. Skilled i also launched many cms and other applications as SAAS.
WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Theme I have ever seen. I am a full time web dev, and this theme blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I am really looking forward to building my new site! I think you thought of everything and then some. But thank you so much for this theme, Best $40 bucks I have ever spent in my entire life! WOW- AMAZING!.
MarketingMonsters, Theme Fusion
Great theme, I had to build a site in a hurry , and could choose no better, in 10 hours I have the site up and running, the best part is that I never had to ask for support, all parameter change was made within the theme and with a little css customization (also within the theme). Best wordpress theme I ever used!
Agustin666, Theme Fusion